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Complete renovation of a 2-bedroom apartment in Kladno 

First stage

  • After signing the contract, the work will be completed on the specified day
    to hand over the building

  • Window taping

  • Sticking the elevator

  • Covering the floors of the common areas of the house

  • Dismantling

  • Scratch

  • Carrying material from dismantling to the container

  • Disposal of material, debris

  • Shipment of new construction material

  • Lining of new partitions/installation of SDK partitions

The second phase

  • Installation of grids plasterboards

  • Cutting pipes for water and electricity

  • Installation of rough wiring

  • Installation of rough plumbing

  • Leveling (comparison) of floors

The third phase

  • Cleaning plaster after cracks

  • Penetration, waterproofing, adhesion můstek

  • Stretching glues, beads

  • Laying paving a tiles

  • Installation of mineral insulation in SDK suspended ceilings